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Only a small percentage of those who apply for membership in the American Gem Society are awarded membership.


In order for a firm to become a member of the American Gem Society they must meet the following criteria:


* The firm owners, principals, or employees must have a high level of gemological knowledge. This includes having studied and completed the diamonds course from the GIA.

* The firm must hold a reputation for unquestioned integrity in the business community and must be operated in a way that will enhance the confidence of the public in the jewelry industry.

* The owners and principals must demonstrate that they are genuinely interested in high business ethics and the firm exemplifies this belief.

* The firm must be a retail or supplier jewelry business that has been established for at least two years and has demonstrated financial stability.


In an industry that provides little accreditation, the American Gem Society awards titles declaring members as skilled professionals upon completion of stringent gemological examinations and re-certifications. For you the consumer, this means AGS provides professional and trustworthy retail jewelers. A jeweler, who advertises their AGS membership as Registered Jeweler (RJ), Certified Gemologist (CG), Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA), or Certified Sales Associate (CSA), is separated from their competition as the true and trusted gemologically trained expert. These AGS titles are renewed annually and members are required to uphold the gemological and ethical standards established by AGS. Visit the American Gem Society website